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Welcome to all! Please read the Rules and FAQ sections first, then stop by the Introduction section for info on how to apply. Thank you and enjoy!
Attention all Clue RPers! The 2nd Open RP is posted!
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How do I join?

Simple! You apply for an account. You'll have to post up a brief bio of yourself (see the Introduction section) so that the members will know what you are willing/not willing to do. The Admin/mods will then accept or reject you.

What is the purpose of this forum?

Originally, I (the Admin) built it because my darling and I just have a hard time posting back and forth to each other in RPs that we love, and it would be honestly great to have an archive of things that we can see later and deal with.

However, it's also for those that are tired of being limited to one series/genre/character/etc. If you can keep up with our manic pace, welcome aboard! Bring your friends, bring your pets...we're not truly as picky as some places! So long as you can string together a sentence, we're happy to have you. For any beginners that have questions or issues, the board is divided so you have plenty of places to post...and of course, you can contact the admin as well~

Can I play more than one character in a story?

So long as it's okay with the person running the story, yes. Just make sure it's specified in the first post, and that you aren't leaving anyone out that might want to RP with you as the character you're doubling as!

What happens if I go inactive? How do you keep track of Activity?

Simple. If you don't post for two weeks without letting us know a reason (i.e. school, life sucks, etc.) in our Hiatus thread, an admin will contact you with an e-mail giving you one week to respond. If you still don't respond, you'll be considered inactive and your appropriate stories and profiles moved to the Archives. You're welcome to come back again if that happens, but you WILL have to contact the Admin and be approved to return.

Of course, sometimes you'll get longer, thanks to our Admin being busy with her own life. However, if you don't respond to the e-mail PLUS repeated pokes from the admin, your account is then subject to the Admin's decision of whether you will be marked inactive, or DELETED. If you are chosen to be deleted then, you must contact the admin and ask if you are allowed to reapply. Failure to do so will result in any accounts you create being deleted, no questions asked.

What happens if I can't post in the Hiatus thread?

1. You can always e-mail, IM, PM, etc. the Admin, which will save you from being marked inactive and your posts being moved.
2. If you DO happen to be marked inactive/have your RPs moved, you must contact the Admin. Whether you choose to continue with us or not will determine whether we put your RPs back to active and make your account active, or simply delete your account and leave your RPs alone.

I have some drama with the members/Admin...what do I do?!

Firstly, we'd hope you're all mature enough to deal with your problems amongst yourselves. However, sometimes that just doesn't happen. If you have an issue with a member, go to the Admin to get things sorted out. If you have issues with the Admin or any of the mods, it's important that you calmly discus with us what's wrong and what you want to see done. Respect that it is our job to keep the peace, and that if you don't like a decision you are more than welcome to calmly explain why. We're more likely to get things done in your favor if you're nice/don't just chew us out.

I'm still confused about what this forum is about...help?

I'm sure we can find someone to play doctor with you to help you sort out your issues. On a more serious note, each section will have a small description about it, as well as its own copy of the rules. You ought to either go read those or have read them by now...so if you haven't go pop on over there and do it! Smile

I still have questions...what do I do?

Aside from standing on your head and trying to drink water from the far side of the glass, just post them here and they will be answered! <3

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