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Welcome to all! Please read the Rules and FAQ sections first, then stop by the Introduction section for info on how to apply. Thank you and enjoy!
Attention all Clue RPers! The 2nd Open RP is posted!
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PostSubject: Points   Points EmptyFri Aug 05, 2011 12:31 am

Okay, so if you haven't noticed, you may or may not have a little blip near your picture that says 'Points'. You might also notice that you HAVE no points (if you have points right now, you will soon have none MUWAHAHA).


Okay, here's the reason: Points are meant to be a reward. Some people consider points worth giving for you doing simple things, like posting and such.

I on the other hand, am heartless, cruel, and think that you ought to work ten times harder than THAT to earn your points.

So, here are just SOME of the ways you can earn yourself points:

1. Winning them in a contest
2. Doing something utterly helpful for the admins (like making avatars or signatures for people)
3. Good behavior (no seriously, being smart might actually get you somewhere)
4. Doing something better than someone else. By that, I mean something like "Top Poster" or "Made the Admin spit out her Coke while reading your post". You might just get one point for that, but hey, it's one more point than your friend has!

By the same token, you can LOSE points too:

1. By being a jerk and harassing people, you'll lose a good chunk, if not ALL of your points.
2. By giving the Admins/Mods a hard time. And by 'hard time' I mean "I'M GOING TO DO WHATEVER I CAN TO PISS YOU OFF LIKE POSTING THE WORD 'SPAM' IN EVERY POST AND NOTHING ELSE". It won't be something petty like "I disagree with your opinion" sort of annoying...everyone has different ways of doing things <3


Besides being a lovely side distraction--er, reward for your hard work and dedication to the forum, Points can ultimately be cashed in for a prize of some sort. What that prize is and how many points it will cost, I have no idea right now. People can donate prizes and give them point values too, if they feel the need. If not, it'll all be me trying to figure out something to make the points worthwhile.

QUESTIONS? Feel free to post below! This system is up for discussion and tweaking, so please do erm...tweak! <3
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