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Welcome to all! Please read the Rules and FAQ sections first, then stop by the Introduction section for info on how to apply. Thank you and enjoy!
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 Moar News?!

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Moar News?! Empty
PostSubject: Moar News?!   Moar News?! EmptyTue Aug 09, 2011 1:15 am

Okay, so a few points (I'll try to be brief) and new news items!

- Since the Portal wasn't necessarily shot down, it's going to stay. However, you can choose whether you direct to it or the homepage depending on what you put as your bookmark (PM me for a better explanation...I'm tired XD)

- There are a few really great RPs starting up! Please do consider joining them...or start your own! Both Open and Private RPs are welcomed here! If you want something specific and don't see a character, just PM someone and ask!

- Please read over the Rules and vote on the Poll. If anyone has any suggestions for more rules/rule changes, please also post there.

- The feedback section is up! If anyone has any...well, feedback, please post there! A good topic to start with might be to discuss the length of the board/its organization, but I'll leave it up to you guys! <3

- A GAME TO RECRUIT MORE RPERS IS ON! If you want more info, check out Rune's Silly Games! The game ends August 19th, and you'll get points if people join and stay with us! Very Happy

MORE AS MORE HAPPENS! The forum is always growing and I'm always open for suggestions on how to make it easier to use, better looking, add more diversity...anything!

Much love from your Admin, Rune~
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Moar News?!
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