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Welcome to all! Please read the Rules and FAQ sections first, then stop by the Introduction section for info on how to apply. Thank you and enjoy!
Attention all Clue RPers! The 2nd Open RP is posted!
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 Information for the Clue RP

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Information for the Clue RP Empty
PostSubject: Information for the Clue RP   Information for the Clue RP EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 11:56 pm

Okay folks involved in the Clue RP, the easy part is over! Haha, that is, the profiles are all made and everything is all set. The only profile that needs putting up is Dr. Black, who will be controlled by me, Rune. I will also be controlling Dr. Black's butler, who will serve as the narrator / news bringer throughout the story. I changed some of the places to better suit our potential RP styles Wink

Here are some basics you ought to know, just so the RPing goes smoothly. If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them here also.


Dr. Black, an esteemed and well-known rich man has invited everyone to his home for a celebratory dinner party and overnight stay over his latest find. All of the guests have, in some way, ties to Dr. Black, though not all of them are well known. The Butler (simply known as Butler), greets the guests and gives them general information. Somewhere along the line, the Butler, curious as to why Dr. Black has yet to show up to his own party, goes off to check on him and finds him dead. It is then that all of the players become suspect in the murder of Dr. Black.

No one is safe from scrutiny. How will you handle the pressure? Will you solve it solo, or form alliances? The person who solves the murder has more to gain than just the prestige of solving the case.

Locations - For the RPs. These too should be specified in your first post, if it's somewhere specific.

- The Ballroom - Where the party is taking place. The ceiling is high and the room is spacious, with two doors leading out to the Conservatory
- Conservatory - A large room with high windows that overlooks a forest. Dr. Black used his own personal forest to hunt and study the wildlife.
- The Kitchen - Obviously where food is cooked. Dr. Black keeps a lot of high quality cooking utensils here.
- Dining Room - Where the dinners/meals are served. Dr. Black's cabinet houses the finest china and crystal collection.
- The Guest rooms - Where the guests are to sleep. Each is furnished with its own full-sized bed, full bathroom, and a fireplace.
- Dr. Black's Study - A desk sits in the center of the room, and the walls are lined with tall bookshelves. He also keeps a pistol in the desk, for protection.
- The Lounge - A more intimate gathering place
- Bar/Billiard Room - A full-service bar and billiard table take up most of the space in this room.


- The Butler will start out each Open RP. These are where the guests can mingle, socialize together, and learn information that will be told to everyone while in one place. New RPs will spring up every once in awhile, but feel free to continue to RP in old ones as well!
- The Butler's posts will be in italics, to keep them separate from my character's posts (for all of our brains XD)
- Any RPs that involve groups should be posted here. (An example would be an alliance among the male characters)
- The Open RP rules still apply here. In other words, you need to use your first post to let people know who is allowed in the RP.

- The general rules for Private RPs also apply here.
- These are for those subtle searches, or quiet quests for information. Anything that takes place here will only become knowledge between the two characters involved.
- The Butler cannot be interacted with privately, only on the Open RPs. This is because his primary purpose is to give information, and he is not a suspect. You'll learn all you need to know from him in the Open RPs anyway Wink
- RPs in the Secret passageways can also take place here, unless they are for groups of people. If you talk to the Butler in the Open RPs, he might hint at where they might be~

If anyone has any changes, suggestions, or even just likes the way this looks, I'll wait for some responses, then post the first Open RP on Saturday, August 13th.
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Information for the Clue RP
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