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Welcome to all! Please read the Rules and FAQ sections first, then stop by the Introduction section for info on how to apply. Thank you and enjoy!
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 General Updates

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PostSubject: General Updates   General Updates EmptyMon Aug 29, 2011 2:30 pm

Okay, so a few general updates for everyone's info~

- FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE JUST STARTED SCHOOL I realize that you will be getting much busier. Add our lovely Hurricane Irene on top of that, plus real life, and I realize taht not everyone may be able to always post once every two weeks. PLEASE DO TRY TO POST IN THE HIATUS THREAD...but you might be given a small extension due to school starting and suchly.

- Our Theme - If anyone would like to suggest a theme (i.e. Hetalia banner, red buttons, etc.) please post it in the Feedback section. We do have specific members who will hold the titles of Graphics Specialists, so they will be the ones we'll poke about themes. If you like the theme as is, let me know. Right now, there's not a way for us to all have different themes...but someday if I stop being lazy and study the CSS better, I might be able to make that happen. (The not being able to change themes isn't my fault...it's the board host)

- Second Clue RP is up and posted in the board. Also, for anyone who is new and who would like to join us, it's not too late! PM me for more information on that.

Some older, yet still important points:

- Please read over the Rules and vote on the Poll. If you think they should be altered in some way, please either post in the thread or PM me. Check back to see the modifications!

- The feedback section is up! If anyone has any...well, feedback, please post there! A good topic to start with might be to discuss the length of the board/its organization, but I'll leave it up to you guys! <3

- A GAME TO RECRUIT MORE RPERS IS ON! If you want more info, check out Rune's Silly Games! The game has been extended to September 9th, so get recruiting!

MORE AS MORE HAPPENS! The forum is always growing and I'm always open for suggestions on how to make it easier to use, better looking, add more diversity...anything!

Now, after copy/pasting this and modifying it where needed...it's back to watching Gantz for me! *rushes off*

Much love from your Admin, Rune~
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General Updates
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